We are pleased to announce our partnership with SIGMA STAT Skopje. Collaboration between two institutions will provide the next step in improving international networking and the possibility of delivering high-valued economic diplomacy projects.

SIGMA STAT Skopje is a non-governmental organization that acts towards promotion of civil society and socio-economic development. It aims to increase the socio-economic and social development, by improving the quality of human capital.

SIGMA STAT’s main goal is to increase the level of education, as well as improve the quality, potential and competitiveness of the workforce, in order to strengthen the economic growth and development.

SIGMA STAT stands for:

Promotion and advancement of the application of statistics and quantitative methods in the field of business and economics;
Development and implementation of modern research and analytical methods, activities, programs and initiatives in the field of statistical and econometric research;
Promotion of scientific research activity and development of a critical society;
Increasing the competitiveness of young people in the labor market;
Knowledge-based economy;
Supporting and strengthening the positive image of the youth, etc.