Geopolitics of Energy Security: India’s Perspective

During Indian prime minister, Modi’s recently concluded visit to Europe, he chaired 6th round of Indo-German Inter-governmental consultation in Berlin with German chancellor as a co-hair to discuss bilateral, regional and global issues arising in wake of Russia’s war on Ukraine besides holding meetings with Nordic forum in Copenhagen. While on his way back home, he also visited Paris to meet with French President to exchange perspectives on bilateral, regional and international cooperation issues while laying out India’s position, including energy security, free trade agreements, democratic values and future vision on international issues to build together ‘a principles- based robust coalition of willing democracies’ to repel aggressive behaviour of autocratic and authoritarian regimes.


Developments in Myanmar: Past, Present and Future

Myanmar (formerly Burma) witnessed a silent coup when its military junta toppled the democratically elected government in the wee hours of intervening night of January 31 and February 01, last year and the nation of 55-million strong populations in India’s neighbourhood has since been under military rule.


EU-India Economic Diplomacy

India-EU relations date to the early 1960s, with India being amongst the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with the European Economic Community. A cooperation agreement signed in 1994 took the bilateral relationship beyond trade and economic cooperation. At the 5th India-EU Summit at The Hague in 2004, the relationship was upgraded to a ‘Strategic Partnership’.